Born in Friesland and completed studies in Business Economics and Human Technology Engineering. Followed motorsports since I was four and in my teenage years started karting at both club and national levels. Switched to sim-racing and livery design when studying and managed to have some success and fun. Now I am the only racedriver from the north of the Netherlands who competes in Rallycross. My dream is to compete in the European Championship.


In October 2021 I made my debut in the Dutch Rallycross. This was at a club event at the Eurocircuit in Valkenswaard where I drove a BMW 325i E36 from Verhoeven-Autosport.

Heading with no expectations, the event went more than good. Learned a lot and improved all day…

In November 2021 I was already back again at the Eurocircuit. This time part of the Dutch National Championsip. 

Entered in the Supernational+ category, it basically was a test in racing conditions. An unfortunate rookie error in Q1 hurted my confidence a bit…

It took a while, but after ten months I was back behind the wheel of an Rallycross car. This was was my first Rallycross race in 2022. 

From the first meters the car felt great and I managed to get my first heat win aswell. With a huge entry of 17 cars, the result was more than good with the standard BMW…

Something else than Rallycross, my first “endurance” race. In an 1.0L Yaris (68hp) we conquered the 6-hour Junkyardrace at the well known TT-Circuit Assen. 

Although it not goes that fast, it was a lot of fun to do. And the results was very positive…

A new year, a new race. 2023 kicked-off with Junkyardrace XV. With our “Batman” Yaris, now an upgraded 1.5L, we battled our way at Circuit Zandvoort. 

Battling our way to nearly a top-10 finish at the Formula 1 track. Compared to Assen the track is much more a roller-coaster. 

A dream come true, entering rallycross with my own car and immediately getting my first rallycross podium aswell. 

Together with the team of Ron Snoeck Racing I started in the Dutch Rallycross Championship with a supernational- VW Polo. A 2.0L engine with 240hp, a 5-speed sequential dogbox, and a completly modified FWD car.