What is Rallycross?

Rallycross is a combination of circuit racing and rally. It is head-to-head short, sharp races on mixed surfaces (dirt and asphalt) contained within amphitheatre venues. Once every race, each driver must take the joker lap, which provides an additional strategic element.


After free practice the weekend starts with qualifying races. These races take place over four laps. 5 cars are at the start in each race. After each qualifying heat each driver will receive points based on the fastest race time. The top 12 with the most qualifying points after the four heats go through to the semi-finals. Every rider will therefore races at least four times.

The top 12 is split in the semi-finals. After a race over 6 laps, the top three of each semi-final will advance to the final.

The 6 finalists race against each other in the final. After a race of six laps, the winner will take the chequered flag first.


After the qualifying heats, the fastest driver gets 16 points, descending with 1 point for every subsequent driver. 

In the semi-final, the driver in first place gets 6 points, descending with 1 point for every subsequent driver in the semi-final. 

In the final the winner gets 8 points, and the second place gets 5 points. Each subsequent driver receives 1 point less.