Thank you for checking this page as well. Without support it is not possible to compete and there are a lot of ways to back this adventure. From following my social channels to being a partner. Motorsports have a certain level of costs, but also can give an amazing platform to showcase and create value for partners and bring energy both on and off track.


The first way to support me is to follow or connect on my socials. I want to give you an insight on my Rallycross adventure, not only with posts on Facebook and Instagram, but also with vlogs on YouTube. On the other side I also need your support to get a bigger reach. This makes it more interesting for potential partners to join this cool adventure.


It is possible to donate to the Rallycross program with PayPal or credit card. We will use the donations to pay for entry fees, tyres, damages, upgrades, etc. In return your name will be added to the website as contributor.


There are tons of possibilities to join the Rallycross adventure. Most important is what value we can bring to each other.
Do you want to attract new employees or make new business connections? Or do you want to promote your brand?
Lets get in contact so we can create the best value for each other. Also check out the partnerprogram for inspiration.



Members of 2024

Jeffrey van Dasselaar (Stiens)
Herman van Dasselaar (Nij Beets)
Wesley Kamoen (Nijmegen)
Fokje van Dasselaar (Nij Beets)
Ron Snoeck (Winterswijk)
Wilco Hoezen (Baarlo)

Want to become a member? Send a PM on my socials.


It is possible to make impression videos for your company as part of a deal.
Below you can find examples which I made for Direct Connect Telecom and for IenPM.