FYI these services are an impression and can be part of a partner- and sponsorship. 
Interested? Or want more information? Don’t be shy and send me a message on my socials.


Do you need a website, or want to give your current one an update? I can help with that. My experience goes with WordPress in combination with Elementor. Some examples are the websites of my partners Wezoo and IenPM, but also ofcourse my personal website.



You want to check how your current website, app or other digital product can be improved? With my background in Human Technology Engineering I can evaluate your website to improve its user experience and usability. A report will be made including suggestions.



If you saw my vlogs already, videos are also a possibility. This can be fore example a impressionvideo from products or events, but also instruction clips. I have made different kind of videos for different purposes and clients. 



On graphic design area I can help in different ways. It can be a lot of different things aswell. From designing a car livery to posters, banners, flyers, flags and more. 


Me and the car can come by to talk for example about racing or rallycross and how the ideas from this can be used in daily work of your team or company. Also the car can be used a showcar for events.